LIPPSO is proud of its proficient staff, capable of providing solutions in research and innovation management, executing scientific projects, training professionals and offering advice.

Dr. Eduard Bardají, senior researcher with experience in team coordination and a wide international background is our director.
 - Dr. Eduard Bardají

Project management is usually entrusted to our Project Leaders, researchers with at least 10 years of experience in chemical or pharmaceutical research, that offer a guarantee of seriousness and "savoir-faire":
 - Dra. Marta Planas
 - Dra. Montserrat Heras
 - Dra. Lidia Feliu

Mr. Robert Tarragona, a physicist with commercial knowledge, is our promoter, quality responsible and liaision with clients:
 - Mr. Robert Tarragona

Work at the lab and periodical reports are carried out by our junior researchers, a motivated and well trained team comprising some of the best graduates at University of Girona. They provide high flexibility and dynamism:
 - Dr. David Font
 - Sylvie Monroc
 - Rafael Ferre
 - Gemma Albesa
 - Josep Kostopoulos
 - Vanessa Cerezo
 - Roger Soley
 - Judith Serra
 - Mireia Güell

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