LIPPSO is the acronym and commercial name of the Laboratori d'Innovació en Processos i Productes de Síntesi Orgànica (Innovation Laboratory in Organic Chemistry Processes and Products).

LIPPSO is a research centre that integrates a group of experts from the Organic Chemistry Department of the University of Girona (Spain), directed by Dr. Eduard Bardají . These are our goals.

As other university research groups, we do basic research, but our activity is increasingly focused in applied research, intended to be transferred to chemistry and pharma companies.

So far we have helped several companies create value through R&D outsourcing. And we intend to keep doing so. Please check how we can contribute to push forward innovative processes in your company: Our services

We are a Centre Innovació Tecnològica de TECNIO, , a guarantee of quality and professionalism.

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